There are days when you are busy, and you don’t have time to scan all the news from many different websites. Your typical solution under such circumstances would be, to visit a single but trustworthy news source to see their headlines. Now, what if I tell you, that you could view latest headlines from many different news-websites, all at once, all on a single page?

The Main tab above of this website, provides you a bird’s eye view of latest headlines from multiple sources from all over the world. You are no longer restricted to a single source for your news fix of the moment.

But, what if, you may ask, “I have all the time in the world, and I would want to read more?”.

For such a news fix needs, you can click on above listed individual tabs, and you will get the latest headlines sorted accordingly, based on the source website.


The formula to derive latest headlines from multiple sources, is based on Google Docs Import URL and RSS functionality feature.  It is all automated with few lines of codes.


I am a RSS junkie who has cooked up this solution for myself. Leave me a comment if you wish to learn how to do this for yourself. It is very easy, and costs absolutely nothing.


This website fetches news dynamically through RSS mechanism. I do not control the update frequency of news (Google does – it is frequent).  However, I do control the selection of sources for myself. It is guaranteed that all news here is latest.  If you are in the habit of checking news multiple times during a day, then you should follow the individual tabs above. The Main tab is useful only if you are checking once or twice per day. The site is also mobile friendly.

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